ZG is a steam boiler manufacturer in China.

Water tube Steam boilers

Water tube steam boiler is factory assembled natural circulation water tube designs, ZG offers designs based on application and operating conditions, including a full range of custom-designed direct fired packaged boiler systems to meet the most demanding project requirements. Water tube steam boiler min capacity is 10tph.

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35ton watertube steam boiler

The "D" Series 35ton watertube steam boiler is capable of producing up to 35t/hr at design pressures up to 10.5Mpa and steam up to 194℃. Smaller sized units can be shop assembled while larger sized units can be field erected.
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30ton watertube steam boiler

SZS series of 30ton watertube steam boiler is a kind of typical horizontal,double-drum,oil (gas)-fired, type "D", water tube boiler. It is made up of steam drum ,water drum, membrane wall,superheater, convection tube bundles, economizer, etc. Bu
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25ton watertube steam boiler

ZG Group is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Water Tube Boilers. Our product range also comprises of Small Industrial Boilers, Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boiler.25ton water tube steam boiler is a type of boiler in which water circulates in tubes heated
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20ton watertube steam boiler

20ton watertube steam boilers for sale are oil-fired(gas-fired)boilers, is a type of D-type double drum horizontal natural circulation package water-tube boiler.
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15ton watertube steam boiler

15ton water tube steam boiler is oil-fired(gas-fired)boiler, is a type of D-type double drum horizontal natural circulation package water-tube boiler. This type of boiler has following advantages: high efficiency, safe and reliable operation, small size.
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10ton watertube steam boiler

10ton Water Tube steam boilers for sale are designed and manufactured in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR) codes/standards regarding material, design, construction and testing of boilers and boiler components.
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